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Making History
The Singapore Airlines A380

The World's First A380 Flight

SQ380, Sydney to Singapore, 26 October, 2007

Flight of a Lifetime!

"When the Boeing 747 was introduced in 1970, it revolutionised air travel for the next 37 years. The A380 also marks the start of a new era of air travel. The first commercial A380 Flight is unique, an experience that will eventually be shared by millions of people, some of whom are yet to be born. I'll be able to say that I was join first!"

My previous encounters with the A380

 1. Toulouse, France, A380 First Maiden Voyage   April 27, 2005
2. Sydney, Australia, A380 First World Tour        Nov 18, 2005
3. Hong Kong, China, A380 Media Demo Flight   Mar 24, 2007

26 October, 2007

Singapore Airlines have the greatest ticket office staff in Sydney, who tirelessly looking after my booking and ensure that there were no errors or mistakes. I received my invitation card and ticket through the post one week prior to the flight. The trip started with my complimentary Limo arrived 10 minutes early to pick me up. Melissa, a wonderful ticket officer escorts me and helps me with the luggage on the quick and easy trip to the airport. We chatted about planes and pictures, I am surprised Melissa knows my personal website and some pictures I took, what a pleasant surprise to me!

The BMW 7 series Limo outside of my house.
Enroute to Sydney Airport.
Arrived at Sydney Airport, posing pictures in front
of signs of SQ 380 with SQ staff members.

Welcome at check-in. Singapore Airlines Suites Check-in
Suites Check in desk (2 dedicated),
this same cheerful lady checked me in 3 weeks
earlier in First Class on SQ232.


After arriving at Sydney Airport, I was escorted directly to the dedicated check-in deck. The friendly check-in agent printed me a spare copy of Boarding pass for my collection purpose. I was also given an express immigration and security card. I then headed to Gate 53 to attend the pre-flight welcome function.

Special signs of SQ380 historic flight in Sydney

The Welcome Ceremony, guest speaker include
the NSW State Premier, Morris Iemma
She awaits for the voyage!
Dream of 450 passengers!

The crew posting for a group photo prior boarding
the A380.
Myself posing in front of Gate 57, the A380
specially assigned gate.
NSW Premier The Hon. Morris Iemma gives
his speech in welcome the A380.

After the welcome ceremony for all passengers on this historic flight, there was an announcement, due to lightning activity, the ground crew will stop loading the airplane until it is cleared. I went upstairs to the Silver Kris Lounge for some rest. There were few passengers there waiting for SQ222 (B747-400 9V-SMU) that afternoon which is also slightly delayed due to the weather. After sitting uninterestingly in the First Class lounge for 15 mins, I suddenly awake, the CEO of Singapore Airlines, Mr Chew Choon Seng walks in the lounge and sat in front of me!

Sitting down together with Mr Chew Choon Seng,
the CEO of Singapore Airlines. He is very charming
and friendly.
More picture with Mr Chew, who travelled later
back to Singapore on SQ222 (B747-400)
A picture of A380 Captain Robert Ting, who came
to the lounge to brief his senior about the weather
delay issue.

SQ222 Airborne, while the A380 loading continues.
Singapore Airlines Suites Boarding Pass

What an honor to sit next to one of the world's most admired company CEO! We chatted about 15 minutes and I noticed his wealth knowledge of the A/C types, routes and news about his company. I made a joke about my girlfriend would like a portrait of him as he is full of charms which makes him face red in front of his team........ I congratulated him about the First A380 charity flight project. We exchange some pleasantries before he "jumped ship" and left Sydney qucikly on SQ 222, a B747-400 flight. The chairman of SIA, Mr Stephen Lee was also present, with Mr Paul Tan VP of South West Pacific of SIA.
The A380 was further delayed until 5pm due to a Qantas catering truck is having problem. (Let's blame Qantas)

Boarding finally commenced around 1720. Suites Class passengers have its own Jetbridge to board first. There were 2 other jetbridges, one connects to the upper deck and one connected to Door 2 Left of the main deck (Economy Class)


Definitely an occasion to take a photo, boarding
the World's First Commercial A380 flight !!
A picture with the Singapore Airlines hired TV
Crew filming passengers entering the A380 cabin.
Pictures of flight deck, with Capt Robert Ting and
Gerry Peacock in charge today. Ready to Push
Back from Gate 57 to start the journey!

Wave of goodbye from the Ground Staff,
Flight underway soon!

Welcome Aboard
Singapore Airlines Suites

"A class beyond First, a class that is yours alone"

Suites 3A

Before take-off

A nice complementary Bose Noise Cancelling headset
makes a great gift for the flight, also a special edition of Krisworld is presented.
Leading Stewardess Fern, serving Champagne,
The Dom Perignon Rose 1996


Takeoff was conducted around 1810 from Rwy 34L of Sydney Kingsford Smith Int'l with about 70% of thrust, the A380 rotated gentlely long around Rwy 07/25 (Cross Rwy) intersection and track NW direction after airborne. Suite 3A can be identified from the 3rd picture, the only seat with 3 windows between Door 1L and 2L. (Above 4 photos by Cheng Qiu)

Enroute to Singapore, Let's Celebrate!

Enjoying the climb by laying down.
Gorgeous Sunset underway!
Suite seat in reclinimg mode. Cruising at 39,000 ft.

Toasting with another Flight Enthusiast, Roger
from Melbourne in Suite 2A.
With Fern, who tiredlessly looking after Suites
passenger for over 7 hours journey to Singapore.
Another photo with Fern, note the sunset from the
window behind.

SIA chairman Mr Stephen Lee and Captain Robert
Ting came to present my Flight Certificate, a very
nicely framed and printed.
Picture together with Chairman and chief Pilot.
Presenting the flight certificate to each passenger.

Photo with Gino, a Miami resident who flown both
Singapore to Sydney and return Sydney to Singapore
on 1st A380 commercial.
We're all on the history making flight !
With A380 Chief Pilot Claude Lelaie of Airbus,
I have met Claude in Toulouse, Sydney and now
on the 1st A380 commercial to Singapore.

Meal Service

Contemprorary Australian Cuisine
Modern Asian Cuisine
Champagne and WhiteWine
Red White and Port

Let's Eat!

1st: Chilled Malossol Caviar
2nd: Cauliflower and Gorgonzola Panna Cota
3rd: Tomato Consomme with Lobster Medallion

4th: Surprise (not on menu) Seafood Avacado
5th: 'Rock and Roll' Salad
6th: Steamed Rock Lobster and Wok Seared
Wagyu Steak

7th: (Most creative) Lemongrass Gelo
Enjoying the best in-flight meal I ever had!
With the acclaimed chef, Sam Leong.

The meal was the best I ever have on an airplane and it was so delicious that makes you to remember this flight forever. It exceeded every expectation when comparing with other First Class meals that I've experienced previously. Especially the Wagyu Steak, it just softens and melts in your mouth. Steak and Lobster, what a great combination for main course! The Dessert presentation was unique and surprising. (Steams with dry ice) The cook and wine panelist were all presented and suggest their preference of food and wine to each Suite passenger.

Exemplary Service of Singapore Airlines

Master of Wine, Michael Hill Smith
serving his recommendation
Leading Stewardness Sindy pouring
Tomato Consomme
Leading Steward Vinod serving the
D'Estournel 1982

After the meal....

An opportunity to have pictures taken with all the First Class crew.

Bed Time!

F/A Fern posing after set up the double bed.
This is how the Suite looks like when door is closed.

Time to have a quick rest.
View with doors closed in Suite 3A.
The Suite are very wide and even with the bed set up, you still have room to change clothes and stretech around.

Before landing

More to nibble on...

Tantalising Tapas by Matthew Moran

and...What a Pleasant Surprise!

F/A Fern and her team presented me this flower prior to landing, wishing me good luck with my stay in Singapore.

A sweet ending!
Captain Ting announced the A380 has conducted a fully automatic landing on Rwy 20R of Changi. The first automatic landing in A380 commercial history !
Arrived at Gate F31 in Singapore at 2359 LT.

My comments of the flight.....

"An experience that surpasses anything the Airline has ever offered in terms of customer comfort, service and amenties. And we're talking about a company that on any given day provides a world-class flying experience!"
Thank you Singapore Airlines - A Great Way To Fly!

After flight

Gift from the A380 flight.
Gift from inside the Mandarina Duck goodie bag.

My Signed Log Book, great memory of SQ380.

Thank you for reading my trip report.

More A380 ......

Exclusive Flight Inspection
Sydney, Australia
Morning of 26 October, 2007

Welcome Abroad The 1st A380 in commercial airlines service.

Singapore Airlines Suites, a class beyond First

Business Class
The most spacious in the World

Self service bar in Business Class


New Economy Class

More of her glory...

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