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Safety Card Collection

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All list current as of 30 April 2012

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Cathay Pacific A330 SC Version 3 (Jul 11)

Malaysia Airlines B747-400  1 Jan  2007

Malaysia Airlines B737-400 1 April 2011

Air China A319  7/2011

Ethiopian Airlines B777 ET-ANN, ANO, ANP, ANQ, ANR  Nov 2010

Ethiopian Airlines B767-300ER ET-ALH ET-ALL Sept 2006

Ethiopian Airlines B757-200 ET-AKC/AKE/AKF  Sept 2006

South African Airways B737-800 Version 14

South African Airways B747-200 Version 10

British Airways (Comair) B737-30 Revision 3

1 Time  MD87

Iran Air B747-100/200

Iran Air B747SP

Etihad A320-200

Hainan Airlines A340-600

China Southern A380  5/2011

China Southern A330  7/2008



Asia Region

China (79 cards)

1x China Southern A321 (4/06)

2x China Southern A330 (4/06)

1x China Southern old style A320
3x China Southern A320 (04/01)

3x China Southern B757 (04/01)

3x China Southern B777 (04/01)

1x China Southern B737-700/800 (7/08)
2x China Southern Airlines B737 with China Xinjiang plane at front!


6x Air China B777-200

4x Air China B747-400
5x Air China B747-400 Combi
2x Air China B767-200
3x Air China A340-300
1x Air China B777-200 with 2008 Beijing Olympic logo

1x China Northern MD-90


5x Hainan Airlines B737-800 picture

1x Hainan Airlines B737-800 No Picture
3x Hainan Airlines B737-300 No Picture


3x Shenzhen Airlines B737-300/700 new green  (like Air China style laminated!)
1x China Eastern A320 (old)
2x China Eastern A300-600 new style
2x China Eastern A340-600 new style

1x Chine Eastern A319-112 new style

2x China Eastern MD90 new style

1x China Eastern B767-300 new style
3x Shandong Airlines B737-300 (HD-SDA-SCO1)
1x Shandong Airlines B737-300 (HD-SDA-SCO3)
1x Xiaman Airlines B737 (like Northwest style, green color)
1x Xiaman Airlines B757 (like Northwest style, red color)



Hong Kong/Macau/Korea/Japan (62 cards)


2x Korean Air A300-600
2x Korean Air B737-800

1x Korean Air B737-800 1 Aug 08

2x Korean Air A330-300 1 Aug 08


4x Jeju Air B737-800

2x JAL MD-90 04

1x JAL B777-200 07/09
1x ANA B747-SR/LR B4-SL-001 040115
1x ANA B747-400 new style

1x ANA B767-300 (B6-3-ORG-101201)

2x ANA B777-200 (B7-2-ORG-101201)


2x Asiana Airlines B767-300 Latest style HL7200 (Blue window front)
3x Asiana Airlines B777-200 Latest style (Blue window front)
1x Asiana Airlines B747-400 Pax HL7418/7428 latest

1x Asiana Airlines A321-200 New Logo
2x Asiana Airlines B767-300 New Logo

1x Asiana Airlines B777-200 New Logo


1x Eva Air A330-200

3x China Airlines A300 (1998-7-18000-A)
1x China Airlines MD11
3x China Airlines A340 (2004-03-17)

1x China Airlines A330-300,

1x China Airlines B747-400 (B18210 - B18215, 07/09)

1x Viva Macau B767-200/ER

1x Viva Macau B767-300/ER
1x Air Macau A321

3x Cathay Pacific A330 (NKK977C)

2x Cathay Pacific A340 (NKK976C)
4x Cathay Pacific A340
2x Cathay Pacific A330 new 2006 style Brown front

1x Cathey Pacific A330 (A33E SC Version 2 Jul 11)

2x Cathey Pacific B777-300 (773P SC Version 2 Jul 11)

1x Cathay Pacific B747-400 (B74A SC Version 1 Feb 09)

3x Dragon Air A330
1x Dragon Air A321
1x Hong Kong Airlines B737-800 1/2007

Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines (92 cards)

3x Thai MD-11 Issue No.6 01/2/00
3x Thai B777-200 Issue No. 4 1/10/00
4x Thai B777-300 Issue No.2 1/2/00

4x Thai A330 (Issue No.3 01/02/00)

4x Thai B747-300/400 (Issue No.4 01/02/00) Brown cover
4x Thai B747-300/400 (Issue No.4 01/02/00) Green cover
2x Thai B747-300/400 New logo Issue 4 01 Feb 00 Red
2x Thai B747-400/300 New Logo Issue 5 01SEP06

1x Thai B747-400 Issue 8 01 Oct 10
3x Thai A300 Issue 6 1/2/00

1x Thai A300-600 Issue 6 01Feb00
1x Thai A310 Issue4 1/Feb/94
1x Thai A340-600 Issue 1 15 June 05
1x Thai B777-200ER Issue No 1 15 OCT 06

2x Thai A340-600 Issue 2 01 Jun 06

4x Orient Thai B747 Classic
1x Phuket Air YS-11
2x Orient Thai MD82
8x Bangkok Airways B717-200

2x Singapore Airlines B747-400 (Form SQA 0425L)

5x Singapore Airlines B747-400 (Form SQA 0425F)

1x Singapore Airlines B747-400 (Form SQA 0425G)

1x Singapore Airlines B747-400 half size (Form SQA 0434)

3x Singapore Airlines B777-200 Jubliee (Form SQA 0430D)

3x Singapore Airlines B777-200 Jubliee (Form SQA 0430C)

2x Singapore Airlines B777-300 Jubliee (Form SQA 0431D)

1x Singapore Airlines B777-300 Jubliee (Form SQA 0431C)

1x Singapore Airlines B777-300/ER (Form SQA4118A)


2x Tiger Airways A320 Issue 1
1x Valuair A320
1x Silk Air A320 SMITA 166D

1x Phillippines Airlines A320-200

1x Phillippines Airlines A330-300/A340-30

4x Air Asia A320 Version 1 11/2005
4x Malaysia A330
1x Malaysia B737-400
4x Malaysia B747-400P

1x Malaysia B777-200


Indonesia (25 cards)


1x Star Air B737-200 Form 5H C-16 current
1x Garuda Indonesia B737-400
1x Garuda Indonesia B737-300

1x Garuda DC-10 Current

3x Garuda Indonesia A330-200

1x Garuda Indonesia A330-300
2x Air Paradise NEW Airline A300-600R
1x Mandala B737-200/300 1997 current

1x Mandala Airlines A320-200
4x Bouraq B737 current
2x Lion Air MD82

1x Lion Air B737-900/ER
3x Merpati B737-200

1x Merpati Fk100
1x Batavia Air B737-200/300/500



1x Air Asia Indonesia A320 Form DSS/XII/2008/A320



Indian Sub-Continent (20 cards)

4x Air India B747-400 (601/15507)
2x Sri Lankan Airlines A320 (01-08-2002) SHB-320-002

1x Sri Lankan Airlines A330 (01-03-2002) SHB-330-001

1x Sri Lankan Airlines A340 (01-10-2003) SHB-340-002

12x Biman Bangladesh DC-10-30

Middle East/Africa (33 cards)


1x Emirates A380 Version 1 July 2008

1x Emirates A380 Version 2/10044220/5/09
2x Emirates B777-200 Version 1/1004073/2/09

3x Emirates B777-300 Version 1/1004072/2/09

5x Saudi Arabian Airlines B747-368 Oct 2008

2x Saudi Arabian Airlines A330-300 Rev 3 (06/2010)

1x Oman Air B737-700 April 2010 Issue 1

1x Oman Air B737-800 April 2010 Issue 1

3x Oman Air A330-200/300 -CINS  Feb 10 Issue 2

1x Fly Dubai B737-800

2x Qatar Airways B777-300/ER Ver00

1x Qatar A330

1X Qatar A320
1x Etihad A330-243

1x Etihad A330 (Rev 0- Oct 2010)

1x Etihad A340-600 (Rev 0 - May 2011)

1x Etihad A340-600 (Rev 1 - Oct 2009)

3x Etihad A340-500 (Rev 0 - Oct 2010)

1x Kenya Airways B777-200 Version 3 OCT 2006

1x Egypt Air B777-200



Oceania Region (89 cards)

2x Qantas B747-400 (QB52818-2) Old design

5x Qantas B747-400 (QB52818-3) Orange front

1x Qantas B747-338 (QB52817-2) Orange old design
1x Qantas B747-338 Blue cover (QB52817-3)

3x Qantas B767-336(ex British Airways) Pink Front QB54442-2
1x Qantas B767-336(ex British Airways) QB54442-1
3x Qantas B767-338 Brown front QB53649-3

1x Qantas B767-338 Brown front QB53649-1 OLD

1x Qantas B767-338 Silver front QB53649-2 OLD

1x Qantas B767-238 Lime front (QB53648-2)
1x Qantas B767-238 Purple old design (QB53648-1)
2x Qantas B737-300 Light purple front 737M11-254-13-1

1x Qantas B737-400 yellow front 73711-255-13-1

2x Qantas A330-300 Burgundy  front QB55245-2
1x Qantas B737-800 dark green front N37M11-14-12-1

1x Qantas B737-800 light green N37M11-02-12-1
1x Qantas Line Dash8-300

1x Australian Airlines B767-300 QB55016-1

1x Jetstar A330-200 A330PAXSAFE-1 Dec 2006

1x JetStar B717 version 717PAXSAFE

3x JetStar A320-232 Nov 2005 A320PAXSAFE

1x JetStar A320-232 Nov 2005 A320PAXSAFE_1

1x National Jet Avro RJ Bae 146 Issue 1 2001


2x Virgin Blue B737-700 Blue front V1

5x Virgin Blue B737-700 Blue front V2
3x Virign Blue B737-800 Yellow Front V2

3x Virgin Blue B737-800 Green 2 folded large card V3

2x Pacific Blue/Polynesian Blue B737-800 V3

1x V Australia B777-300/ER v1.0 280808


3x Ansett Australia A320 (A32-256027-5  form 40-215 (2/00)

1x Ansett Australia B737 (B73-256021-1 08/97)

1x Ansett Australia B767-200 (Form 40-216 6/99)
1x Ansett Australia B727-200 Form 60-293A (11/94)

1x Ansett Australia B747-400 (6/99)

2x Ansett Australia B767 Form 78-006 1/95 Paper
2x Ansett Australia B727-200 Form 78-009 9/95 Plastic

3x Ansett Australia A320 Form 78-008 3/95 Plastic
1x Ansett Australia B737-300 Form 40-214 4/01
2x Ansett Australia Fk28-4000 Form 78-013 5/95 Plastic
4x Ansett F50 Code 454 1987 Hard plastic

3x Impulse B717-200 (Initial issue 8/5/00)
1x REX Saab340 R.O.204 (Rev.12/02)

1x Air New Zealand B747 CMLST-FS2001

1x Air New Zealand B767-300 (Z1146)

1x Air New Zealand B747-400 (Z7474 Rev 02/06)


4x Air Tahiti ATR42-ATR72 (Sept 2010)

2x Air Tahiti A340-300 (rev 9/2003)

2x Air Pacific B747-400 V5

1x Air Pacific B747-400 2003


Americas Region (93 cards)




2x United B757 3cabin CA394 10/04
2x United A320 CA377 5/02
3x United B767-200 CA362 5/02
3x United 767-300 3 Cabin CA389 5/02
1x United B767-300 2 Cabin CA368 5/02
8x United B777 overwater CA385 1/03
5x United B747-400 CA390 5/02

2x United B747-400 Premium CA399 2/08
3x United B737-500 CA391 5/02
1x United B737-300 CA344 5/02
3x United B757 CA388 5/02
3x United B757 overwater CA387 5/02


1x Delta Airlines B727-200 (0412-80751 Card 10/90)

1x Delta Airlines B757 (0412-80768 Card 05/93)

1x Delta Airlines B767-200 (0412-80762 Card 10/90)

1x Delta Airlines B767-300 (0412-80801 Card 12/91)

1x Delta Airlines MD88 (0412-80806 Card 10/92)

1x Delta Express B737 (0412-81416 Card10/97)

1x Delta Airlines B767-300ER (0412-81413 Card 11/97)
3x Delta Airlines B767-300ER (0412-81623 Card 11-02)
1x Delta Airlines L1011 (0412-80753 Card 4-96)

1x Delta B747-400( 05-09)
1x Song B757-200 04/03
1x America West B737 (#950020 3/93)
1x America West A320 (#961940 Dec/02)
1x America West B757 (#960599 Dec/02)
1x America West B737 (#950020 Dec/02)
1x National Airlines B757 (Code 1477)
1x Midwest Express B717 (Code 22224 Initial Issue)

2x TWA B747 (PN4954 7-96)
1x TWA B707 (4/81)
1x TWA 767Intl (4/88)

1x Continental Airlines B737-100 (FS737-100 5-87)
1x Continental Airlines B747 (1/92)

4x Continental Airlines B737-800/900 (1/03)
1x Continental Airlines DC-10 (4/88)

1x US Airways A319 (#962726 Revision #05-02/Dec 05)

1x US Airways A320EOW (C/C 190-7378 Rev 7/98)

1x US Airways A321 (C/C190-7390 Rev 8/04)
1x US Airways B757 (C/C190-4850 Rev 8/04)

1x Southwest Airlines B737 (IF-552 Rev 8/98)

1x Southwest Airlines B737 (IF-552 Rev 10/97)

2x Southwest Airlines B737 (IF-552 Rev 11/00)

1x American MD-82/83 (7/99)

1x American A300 (5/98)

1x American B767 Rev 07/03
3x American Eagle ATR Rev 10/2002

1x American 727-223 (EB-300)

1x ATA B757-300 (6/01)

2x Northwest Airlines B747 (2/95)


1x Skyservice A320 (#1-01/01)
1x Air Transat L1011-150 (TS KSE-35L8-11-02)
1x Air Transat L1011-500 (11-02)
1x Air Transat B757 (J-11-02 TSJ)
2x Air Transat A310 (9206-11-02)
2x Air Transat A330 (3505-11-02)

1x Sunwing Airlines B737-800 (Nov 2006)


OLD United Safety Cards (75 cards)

1x United B747 Overwater CA365 4/91

1x United B747-400 CA370 4/91

1x United B747SP Overwater CA363 4/91

1x United DC-10 CA330 4/91

1x United A319 CA386 6/97

1x United B747-400 CA370 4/92

1x United B767-300 Overwater CA374 1/92
1x United DC-10 overwater CA360 2/92

1x United Express Bae146 4/91

1x United B727-200 CA345 4/91

1x United B727-200 CA373 4/91

1x United B737 CA344 4/91

1x United B757 CA371 4/91

1x United B767-200 Overwater CA369 4/91

1x United B727 CA367 8/88

1x United B727 CA348 3/84

1x United B727 Overwater stretch B727 CA353 3/84

1x United B767 CA351 6/82

1x United DC10 CA328 11/77

1x United DC-10 Overwater CA360 9/85

1x United B747 Overwater CA335 10/77

1x United B747 CA346 3/84

1x United B747 CA325 8/72


3x United Airlines A319 CA386 4/99

1x United Airlines A320 CA377 2/99

6x United Airlines A320 CA377 4/01

1x United Airlines B727-200 CA367 12/98

4x United Airlines B737 CA344 5/1/98

3x United Airlines B757 CA388 5/1/98

2x United Airlines B757 CA388 1/01

1x United Airlines B757 Overwater CA387 10/98

4x United Airlines B767-200 CA362 12/98

8x United Airlines B767-300 Overwater CA389 1/99

2x United Airlines B747-400 CA390 1/99

8x United Airlines B747-400 CA390 4/99

9x United Airlines B777 Overwater CA385 10/98

South America (42 cards)
2x TACA A320 14/2003
2x TACA A321 26/2005

2x Varig B777 New graphic style
2x Varig MD11 New graphic style
1x Varig B767-300 New graphic style

1x Varig MD-11 (OPS243)

1x Varig B767-200 (OPS239)

1x Varig B767-300 (OPS240)

1x Varig B737 (OPS238)

1x Aerolineas Argentinas B747
9x Aerolineas Argentinas A340
1x Aerolineas Argentinas B737

2x Lan Chile A340 Orange front
3x LanChile A320-200 Purple front
2x Lan Chile A320-200 Green front
1x Lan Chile B767-300 Configuracion 4P

2x LAN A340-300 03/2007
1x Lan Peru B737-200

1x TransBrasil B737-300 (TR43-0420)
1x VASP A300

3x TAM FK100 07/2000

1x GOL B737-700

1x Rio Soul EMB120 Brasilia 1988




Europe (98 Cards)


1x Hapag Lloyd B737-800

1x Hapag Lloyd Flug B737-800

1x Lufthansa A300-600 (10/95)
1x Lufthansa A300-600 (9/02)

1x Lufthansa A300-600 (1/99)
1x Lufthansa A319-100 (09/02)

1x Lufthansa A319-100 (03/03)
1x Lufthansa B737/300/500 (09/02)

1x Lufthansa B737/300/500 (02/05)

1x Lufthansa B747-400 Pax (1/99)

1x Lufthansa B747-400 (01/04)
1x Lufthansa B767-300 363-94
2x Lufthansa A340-300 (09/02)
1x Lufthansa CRJ700 (07/02)
1x Lufthansa CRJ100/200 (08/04)

1x Condor A320 (CFG300190-98/FRAHEZ)
2x Sabena A340-200/300-A332/333

1x SwissAir A319 0296-17227

1x SwissAir A320 0595-16654

1x SwissAir A330 0898-22446
1x SwissAir A310 0589-5100 IPA/B/C/D/E/F/G

1x Swissair MD-11 1095-12063

2x Swiss International Airlines MD-11 13-12063

1x Swiss International Airlines A320 13-16654

1x Austrian A321 Matnr 10000291

3x Austrian B777-200IGW Mat No.10002261

1x Augsburg Airways Dash8-300 Jun2006
2x Olympic Aviation B717-200
1x Olympic Airways B737-400
1x Alitalia MD80 06/2001
2x Alitalia A321 06/2001

1x British Airways B747-400 (Issue 7 Tartan)

2x British Airways B747-400 (Issue 9)

1x British Airways A319 (Union Jack)
8x British Airways Concorde Issue 5

2x British Airways B737-400 Issue 5 (4 Door)

2x British Airways B777-200 Issue 4

1x JMC B757 (1st edition)

4x Virgin Atlantic A340-600 (02/04)

1x Virgin Atlantic A340-600 (09/07)

1x British Midland A321 (P/NO SIL 016)
2x BMI A321 (SIL 016B)
1x Monarch A330 Issue 1
1x Caledonian DC-10 Issue 4

1x Airtours A320 Issue 2 March 1998

1x Easyjet B737-300 EQM-E-0510-B300-200309/02

1x Easjyet B737-700 Issue 1 October 2000

1x Iberia A320 (MADWJIB Jun 93)

1x Iberia A320 Dic 2000

1x Iberia A321 Mar/99
2x Iberia B747 (12/02)
1x Iberia A340-600 (4/03)


4x Air France A320 03-02

1x Air France A340 Portes3 type1 1/99

2x Air France B777-200 8/00

1x Air France B747-400 09-99

1x AOM DC-10-30 94310DC
2x KLM B747-400 7 pallet Jan1998
1x Lot Polish B737-400

1x Czech B737-500

1x CZA Czech A319 OK-PER/ OK-PET

1x MartinAir MD-11 (01-95 VLD-001)

1x LTU MD-11

3x Finnair MD-11
1x Finnair MD-11 676 C-NKL

1x Finnair DC-10

1x Iceland Air B757-200 TF-FII, TF-FIJ, TF-FIP, V,N,O,R,S,T,U

1x Skyjet Europe DC-10 (July 98)

1x SAS 737-600/700 (24d)



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